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100 side-line player activities

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

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Jaidip: As a club team coach in India I've often used the words 'if you're on the side-line there are loads of things you can do, probably 100!'. As I too often saw players standing around, checking their phones or anything else unrelated to what was happening on the field, it puzzled me.

I asked Mehr to collaborate with me on a list of things and she more than succeeded in doing so. Enjoy!

  1. Take stats

  2. Fill water bottles

  3. Make energy drinks

  4. Create notes for player feedback

  5. Setup cones on the field

  6. Keep score

  7. 8th player on defence

  8. Clean up the field of hazardous objects

  9. Film individual players

  10. Film the whole game

  11. Do game commentary

  12. Practice basic throws (forehands, backhands, 6 point releases)

  13. Practice fancy throws (Hammers, scoobers)

  14. Practice useless but fun throws (Chicken wings!)

  15. Teach throws to new players

  16. Coach the team

  17. Distribute bibs to substitutes

  18. Manage practice logistics - field booking

  19. Manage practice logistics - fee collection

  20. Manage tournament logistics - accommodation

  21. Manage tournament logistics - Food/ snacks/ drinks

  22. Do body strengthening/ personal workout

  23. Help other injured players in recovery

  24. Massages!!!

  25. Collect stray discs from out of bounds

  26. Help carry injured players off the field

  27. Mentor new players

  28. Plan the next drill

  29. Watch out for spectators (and dogs) breaching the playing field

  30. Play with a dog

  31. Build team strategy based on game play

  32. Study other team strategies

  33. Scout other team players

  34. Wave the team flag

  35. Lead warmup

  36. Lead cool down

  37. Give free hugs!

  38. Keep time

  39. Setup spikeball

  40. Play spikeball!

  41. Organise spirit games

  42. Get to know teammates

  43. Encourage demotivated players

  44. Clean bibs for next practice

  45. Clean discs for next practice

  46. Clean cones for next practice

  47. Sing a song

  48. Watch for spirit violations

  49. Check for team offside

  50. Check if opponents are offside

  51. Be a game advisor

  52. Study the rules of Ultimate

  53. Guard valuables and belongings of players (especially from rogue squirrels)

  54. Study decision diagrams

  55. Study spirit examples sheet

  56. Play fantasy Ultimate!

  57. Play disc golf

  58. Play double disc court

  59. Be the team DJ

  60. Capture cool moments on camera

  61. Make team cheers

  62. Do team cheers!

  63. Quiz players on rules

  64. Echo calls

  65. Pester the coaches for individual feedback

  66. Make weekly goals

  67. Stalk and closely observe players you want to learn from

  68. Run the team social media

  69. Publicize ultimate on personal social media

  70. Be the team mascot

  71. Make caricatures of your team mates

  72. Make a blog post of things a sideline player can do

  73. Plan a team outing

  74. Plan a practice match with another team

  75. Plan a practice camp

  76. Build relationships with opposing teams and players

  77. Spread good vibes - keep up the team’s morale

  78. Meditate

  79. Offer perspective on calls

  80. Clear the area when the disc is on the sideline

  81. Make sure that the playing field lines are visible during a tournament

  82. Hydrate

  83. Keep others hydrated

  84. Plan inspirational speech for team huddle

  85. Practice throwing stance

  86. Practice throwing yourself on the ground for layouts

  87. Practice grabs

  88. Do shopping - buy discs/ gloves/ jerseys

  89. Make spirit gifts

  90. Fall in love with a teammate

  91. Explain ultimate to bystanders

  92. Tell all your team’s woes and joys to the one UPAI member in the vicinity

  93. Give everyone a hose-pipe bath on a hot day and offer jackets on a cold day

  94. Look for sponsors/ funding opportunities

  95. Come up with team jersey/ logo/ sticker designs

  96. Take gender specific stats to understand gender differences in the team

  97. Ensure the team uses hand signals during calls

  98. Make notes on how well/ badly teammates are resolving calls

  99. Switch on lights when it gets dark

  100. Fool around

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